July 25, 2019

Qingdao International Conference Center

Important information

Abstract submission opens: June 2019
Online registration deadline: July 2019
Main congress website: www.vision-china.org

Scientific Committee



Programme (Pending – subject to confirmation)

08.00–09.45 CXL Basics & Scientific Principles (Shihao Chen – Chair)
08.00–08.20 What is CXL, history of CXL, identifying CXL
  Aleksander Stojanovic (Norway)
08.20–8.50 Basics of Corneal Biomechanics
  Ahmed Elsheikh (United Kingdom)
08.50–09.10 How to detect KC (Oculus’ involvement)
  Renato Ambrosio (Brazil)
09.10–09.30 Modulating factors of corneal biomechanics: eye-rubbing, age and genetics
  Farhad Hafezi (Switzerland)
09.30–09.45 Modulating factors of corneal biomechanics: Hormones
  Shady Awwad (Lebanon)
09.45–10.15 Coffee Break
10.15–12.30 CXL Clinical Application (Farhad Hafezi – Chair)
10.15–10.30 CXL Safety: Long–Term corneal biomechanics follow-up after CXL
  Renato Ambrosio (Brazil)
10.30–10.50 Clinical Protocols: Overview
  (e.g. Dresden, Athens, thin corneas, L4S protocol, epi-on/epi-off)
  Farhad Hafezi (Switzerland)
10.50–12.20 Panel Discussion: How the experts cross–link (ALL)
  a) Epi-on vs Epi-Off
  b) LASIK Xtra: yes or no
  c) Pediatric & Low – Compliant patients
  d) Refractive surgery & CXL
12.20–12.30 Clinical Application Recommendations for 2019
  Shihao Chen (China)
12.30–14.30 Lunch Break
14.30–16.30 CXL beyond the basics (Renato Ambrosio – Chair)
14.30–14.50 Complication Management: when CXL goes wrong
  Ioannis Aslanides (Greece)
14.50–15.10 Modification of irradiation profiles
  Ahmed Elsheikh (United Kingdom)
15.10–15.30 Treatment strategies using AMARIS excimer laser and CXL in eyes with keratoconus
  Shady Awwad (Lebanon)
15.30–15.50 CXL for infectious keratitis (PACK–CXL)
  Farhad Hafezi (Switzerland)
15.50–16.20 Panel Discussion / Question & Answers
16.20–16.30 Closing remarks
  Shihao Chen (China)

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