Scientific Program


The previous day’s programme was designed to bring you up to speed in everything to do with cross-linking.

This day’s program is all about showing you the future: the latest research work that will determine how cross-linking will be performed in the next 5–10 years, and beyond…


Principles – the fundamental research work that is pushing the field forward
  • Corneal biomechanics research and advanced diagnostics: high-speed dynamic Scheimpflug imaging, Brillouin microscopy
  • Alternative approaches to cross-linking
  • Machine learning and AI approaches to planning treatment


Clinics – a comprehensive view on clinical research findings related to:
  • Latest CXL protocols: customized, epi-on, iontophoresis, etc.
  • CXL for ectasia
  • CXL Plus (combination with refractive surgery)
  • PACK-CXL for infectious keratitis
  • New CXL technologies

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