Program CXL Meeting 2022

Thursday, December 8

OCULUS Company Course: Part 1

Chairs: Michael Belin, Farhad Hafezi
18:00–19:00Modern Keratoconus Monitoring: Pre- and Post-CXLMichael Belin, Riccardo Vinciguerra, Emilio Torres-Netto & Farhad HafeziClick here for the flyer


Welcome reception: 19:00–19:30


OCULUS Company Course: Part 2

Chairs: Michael Belin, Farhad Hafezi

19:30–20:30Modern Keratoconus Monitoring: Pre- and Post-CXLMichael Belin, Riccardo Vinciguerra, Emilio Torres-Netto & Farhad HafeziClick here for the flyer

Day 1
Friday, December 9

Wetlab EMAGine “CXL – Beginners/Intermediate”

Chairs: Farhad Hafezi, Boris Knyazer, Emilio Torres-Netto
Time Title Speaker Notes
07:45 60 minute wetlab    


CXL Basics

Chairs: Emilio Torres-Netto, Mouhcine El Bakkali
Time Title Speaker Notes
08:55 Introduction Farhad Hafezi  
09:00 Corneal structure and biomechanics John Marshall  
09:10 CXL: increase in biomechanics & enzymatic resistance Frederik Raiskup  
09:20 CXL: oxidative stress & DNA intercalation Nanji Lu  
09:30 Discussion    
09:40 Coffee Break    
10:10 Understanding the demarcation line Cosimo Mazzotta  
10:20 CXL and endothelial cell toxicity. How much is too much? Theo G. Seiler  
10:30 Light, fluence, oxygen. How everything works together Farhad Hafezi  
10:40 Discussion    


CXL Preclinical

Chairs: Sabine Kling, Stephen Klyce
Time Title Speaker Notes
10:50 OCT Elastography evaluation of localized CXL patterns in porcine eyes Matteo Frigelli  
11:00 Understanding collagen structure in suspect corneal topographies to predict ectasia Ritica Mukherji  
11:10 Diffusion depth and efficacy for rose bengal CXL in rabbit eyes Jinhai Huang  
11:20 Dynamic mechanical evaluation of CXL and osmotic diffusion effects using OCT elastography Matteo Frigelli  
11:30  Discussion    
11:40 Novel therapeutic targets in keratoconus Durgalaxmi Modak  
11:50 Enhanced transepithelial corneal cross-linking using novel hibiscus-like RF/ZIF-8 composites Jinhai Huang  
12:00 Experimental and lab model of potential gene therapy in keratoconus Pooja Khamar  


Lunch break

Time Title Speaker Notes
12:20 Lunch break    
12:20 – 14:00 Poster Session    


Keratoconus Diagnostics

Chairs: Miltos Balidis, Juan Arbalaez
Time Title Speaker Notes
14:00 PMD versus keratoconus Michael Belin  
14:15 Current biomarkers in keratoconus and cross-linking Rohit Shetty  
14:30 Discussion    
14:40 OCT elastography Sabine Kling  
14:55 Brillouin microscopy Giuliano Scarcelli  
15:10 Measuring the effect of CXL with corneal biomechanics: the present and the future Riccardo Vinciguerra  
15:25 Discussion    
15:35 Coffee break    


Keratoconus therapeutics

Chairs: Mohamed Shafik Shaheen, Shady Awwad
Time Title Speaker Notes
16:00 CXL Plus: ICRS, PRK, CXL and phakic lenses Efekan Coşkunseven  
16:15 PACE (2nd generation customized CXL) Farhad Hafezi  
16:30 Discussion    
16:40 CXL Plus: PTK and CXL Rohit Shetty  
16:55 CXL Plus: Customized PRK and CXL Paolo Vinciguerra  
17:10 Discussion    
17:20 Femto-CAIRS Shady Awwad  
17:35 Scleral lenses for extreme KC Léonard Kollros  
17:50 Discussion    


Social Dinner

Time Title Speaker Notes
19:30 Social Dinner    

Day 2
Saturday, December 10


CXL for ectasia / CXL for Refractive / CXL Plus

Chairs: John Marshall (UK), Adel Barbara (Israel)
09:00PRK and CXL without MMC versus CXL alone: results of a prospective studyShady Awwad 
09:08Selective CXL in keratoconus and radial keratotomy guided by Galilei topographyCarlos G. Arce 
09:16Transepithelial CXL with Oxygen enhancement; 1-year results.Alaa Eldanasoury 
09:24Customized transepithelial CXL for keratoconus: 2-year follow-upProf. Miltos Balidis 
09:40Epi-off customized CXL with supplemental oxygen for keratoconus – 1-year resultsTheo G. Seiler 
09:48Predicting the corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA) after CXLFanka Gilevska 
09:56Epi-on CXL without additional oxygen, and without iontophoresisFarhad Hafezi 
10:12Localized Corneal Biomechanical Changes Following CXL Using Brillouin MicroscopyJ. Bradley Randleman 
10:20External Validation Of The Artificial Intelligence Indices For Enhanced Detection Of Corneal EctasiaRobert Herber 
10:28Progressive high-fluence epi-on CXLCosimo Mazzotta 
10:36Comparison between CXL plus topoguided ablation and ICRS for KCTiago Monteiro 
10:44Coffee Break  


CXL Translational

Chairs: Rohit Shetty (India), Mazen Sinjab (UAE)
11:15Peripheral high-fluence CXL for neovascularization: restoring the cornea’s angiogenic privilegeGerald Schmidinger 
11:23Localized Corneal Biomechanical Changes Following LCV Using Brillouin MicroscopyJ. Bradley Randleman 
11:39Interplay of Vitamin D receptors and Lysyl oxidase in Keratoconus and Cross-linkingAnushree Bhatkal 
11:47Biomechanics of cross-linked porcine-derived corneal lenticules for KC treatmentAbby Wilson 
11:55Biomarker Enabled Specific Targeted Therapy: A New Insight into KC ManagementDivya Trivedi 


Lunch break

12:10Lunch break  
12:10 – 13:30Poster Session  


Schwind Course “Tips & Tricks performing customized treatments”

Chairs: Shady Awwad
12:3060 minutes courseShady Awwad, Farhad Hafezi, Léonard Kollros, Thomas Magnago 



Chairs: Farhad Hafezi (Switzerland), Mohamed Hosny (Egypt)
13:30High-fluence PACK-CXL in vitroNanji Lu 
13:38CXL guards against infectious keratitis; an experimental rabbit modelAyah Marrie 
13:46Rapid High Fluence PACK-CXL for infectious Keratitis at the slit-lamp: A pilot studyBoris Knyazer 
13:54PACK-CXL the golden tool in PKPAshraf Bor’i 
14:10Correlations Between Patients with Keratoplasties after Rose Bengal PDTJaime Martinez 
14:18Rose Bengal PDT: Species Diversity and Mycotoxin Profiles of Fusarium IsolatesJaime Martinez 
14:26Photosensitizer Penetration within the Human Cornea: Applications in PDTJames Lai 
14:42Successful treatment of acanthamoeba keratitis in a patient using riboflavin/UV-A and Rose Bengal/Green lightFarhad Hafezi 
14:50Repeated PACK-CXL For The Treatment Of Resistant Bacterial KeratitisMohammed Mahdy Tawfeek 
14:58CXL protocol modifications influence resistance to enzymatic digestion and treatment depthSimon Pot 
15:06CXL Versus Voriconazole in Experimentally Induced Fungal Keratitis in RabbitsAhmed Elmassry 


Group photo

15:30Congress group photo  
15:40Coffee break  


Diagnostics & Therapeutics I

Chairs: Shady Awwad (Lebanon), Mohammed Shafik Shaheen







Corneal biomechanics before and after CXL

Riccardo Vinciguerra



How to have a happy Keratoconus patient with a Toric ICL?: An Experience of 15 Years

Mohamed Shafik Shaheen



SMART approach to keratoconus diagnostics

Nikki Hafezi



Brillouin Microscopy Differentiates Normal, KC, and Post-Laser Vision Correction Corneas

J. Bradley Randleman







OCT elastography

Emilio Torres



Corneal Remodeling After Allograft Corneal Ring Implantation for KC

Ziya Burke



Combining CorVis and OCT data to diagnose KC

Nanji Lu



Combining Crosslinking with keratoplasty: the DRXL- DALK procedure

Marco Zagari



Assessment of the In-vivo Corneal Biomechanics Effect of ICRS in KC

Riccardo Vinciguerra






Diagnostics & Therapeutics II

Paolo Vinciguerra (Italy), Riccardo Vinciguerra (Italy)






TBI 2.0: next-generation biomechanical index

Renato Ambrosio Jr



Effect of Preoperative Belin ABCD Display parameters on CXL Outcomes

Pinar Kosekahya







Award session and close

18:15CXL Experts’ Meeting Award  
18:20Poster award  
18:25Closing remarks, announcement of CXL Experts’ Meeting 2023